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Andy Peters

Andy Peters


Wandertown at SXSW Comedy 2014

Chicago, Portland, Denver, and now the LA Podcast Festival. Follow all of the coverage right here on the on going Wandertown Widget:



Stand Up Sit Down: My new series on Machinima

This is a new Web series that I produce and host along with my good good friend, Grant Lyon. Comics get interviewed while playing video games both new and old. The first season of guests include Rory Scoval, Baron Vaughn, Andy Haynes, Michael Kosta, and so much more......





Hand vs. Andy: The Tout Series

I'm going to try a little social media webisode experiment. Tout is a new tool where you can share 15 second videos. Companies, Celebrities, and real people are using this tool to send quick little messages. I want to see if this could be a fun and easy way to make an episodic show. So...I have a new series. It's basically a single panel live action comic. It's called Hand vs. Andy. Epic battles between me and my own hand. I hope you like it. If you do...please share with your friends. I will post another episode tomorrow.



The Rough House Podcast is UP!!!

Just go here...





Super Serious PHOTOS!!

Andy Peters


I once performed my comedy skits on this amazing show with an amazing lineup. OH! You don't believe me? Well...I hate to tell you, but there is photo evidence: Check out the blog on the Super Serious show sight